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Recipes from Around the World – China

Stop! Don’t reach for that Chinese takeaway menu! If you enjoy a Chinese takeaway but don’t want to blast your calorie quota through the ceiling, Weight Loss Resources’ can help with Recipes from Around the World. This time, we have some really yummy Chinese recipes for you to try at less than 300 calories each.

Recipes from Around the World - China

By the wlr team

Chinese New Year may only happen once a year but eating at a Chinese restaurant or having a Chinese takeaway are popular choices all year round.  So, this month we bring you two Chinese recipes with a healthy twist!

Even the mention of a Chinese can have the calorie counter wheezing when you are watching those calories.  Battered and deep fried dishes are popular, especially in the UK, andthe calories add up before you know it.

So here's a couple of ways to enjoy authentic Chinese recipes that are low in calories.

First up is our delicious Mango Chicken Stir Fry.  The refreshing mango and juicy peppers in this Chinese recipe count towards your 5-a-day while fresh coriander, garlic and ginger add flavour to tickle your taste buds.  Chicken is a brilliant source of protein and is low in fat too.

Or why not try our tasty Spicy Orange Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry?  Again, this dish counts towards your 5-a-day and by choosing lean beef you can keep control of the calories too.  This Chinese recipe is also bursting with nutrients.  Both oranges and broccoli are a great source of vitamin C and broccoli also provides vitamin E, fibre, potassium and iron.

This month ditch the take away menu in favour of healthy home cooked Chinese recipes to help you save £’s and lose lbs!

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