Hazel Diet Success Story
Healthy Diet Success Story

Hazel's motivation to diet sprung from wanting to be healthy. Here's how she lost over 3 stone with a healthy diet.

Hazel Diet Success Story

Hazel, Age 56
Start Weight 11st
Current Weight 7st 11lbs
Goal Weight 7st 11lbs
Weight Lost 3st 3lbs
Working to Rate of Loss ¾lbs per week

Dieting History

Mainly counting calories, but did the F Plan Diet successfully in 1990.

At the beginning of 1990 I was just over a half a stone heavier than before, so I did the F Plan (with calorie counting) and went down to under 8 stone - maintained that weight for quite a while.

Married in 1991 and gradually after 1993 (had to give up teaching because of back problems) put weight on - went up and down a few times - ended up at July 2002 at 11 stone (the heaviest I had ever been).

On Being Overweight…

Wasn't so healthy, didn't feel as happy and comfortable - couldn't wear smart clothes. Difficult to exercise.

Finding the Motivation to follow a Healthy Diet

For general health and well-being.

I have familial hypercholesterolemia and so have to watch my saturated fat intake (have been on cholesterol-lowering statins for some years) - have had a tendency to high blood pressure because of this.

"My cholesterol count, blood pressure and pulse rate is much improved since losing weight and following a healthy diet."

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

Search engine on the Internet. Also saw it advertised in Slimmer Magazine.

When I joined Weight Loss Resources in October 2002 I had already lost a stone but was finding it quite difficult - the calorie counting was a bit of a chore.

"I found that the site made it so much easier to monitor my food intake and also my exercise and to gradually adopt a healthy eating plan which is becoming a way of life rather than a diet."

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

The site has helped me follow a healthy diet (and still is) in so many ways.

I find the Food Diary, Planner and Exercise Diary such a help - takes the chore out of calorie counting - this makes it much easier to stick to and to get an overall picture of my eating (and exercising) habits.

I also find the Recipe facility a great help when making my own meals from scratch at home - it means that next time I repeat something I just choose one button instead of inputting several items.

"The support on the boards is brilliant - I really have made so many friends - it's good to know that others are going through the same experience."

The special Challenges are helpful in focusing on specific targets.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources Diet Tools

I use the Food Diary and Exercise Diary every day (except when on holiday).

I look at the message boards regularly and seek to give support as well as get it from others. I enjoy chatting with others some evenings.

I used to use the Food Planner more than I do now - I now find it a lot easier to plan ahead during the day so don't feel as much need to use the Planner.

I really appreciate the facilities within Food and Exercise Diaries to input favourites.

There have been some welcome additions recently which are very useful - being able to see the history since last weigh-in is really beneficial, especially when trying to balance exercise with eating extra calories.

Hazel's Tips for a Healthy Diet

I would strongly recommend using the site as much as possible - be honest in using the Food Diary - weigh and measure (don't guess).

Drink plenty of water.

Don't be discouraged if weight loss is slow because this really helps encourage a way of eating which is becoming a healthy lifestyle habit rather than being on a "diet".


I'm really glad I found Weight Loss Resources. It has taken me well over a year to lose just over 3 stone.

I have often wanted to see quicker results but have been spurred on by the experiences of others to know that it is not realistic, or healthy, to lose weight quickly.

Unfortunately as I've got older I've tended to have more fat around my middle, which isn't healthy.

"It took a long while before I started to see a difference in my waist measurement, but gradually it has happened and I have regained the shape I used to have."

Having lost weight in the past and put it on again I am really determined this time that it will stay off and I intend to go on using Weight Loss Resources to help me maintain my present healthy diet and exercise habits.

I value the support of others in helping me achieve this.

I have a congenital back problem which not only pains me but restricts my movement, so I find that a lot of exercise is out of the question.

However, as I started to lose weight I found walking beneficial and intend to try to keep as fit and healthy as possible, despite my restrictions. I would really urge others to to what they can towards a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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