dieting for men
A Diet for Men

Men don't like dieting but a growing stomach poses considerable risks to health. The good news is that a healthy diet for men can be relatively easy.

Dieting for Men

By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

On the face of it, dieting should be easier for men: they have a higher metabolic rate than women and a lower propensity to store fat.

Men's Particular Weight Problem

The problem for men tends to be fat accumulating around their abdomen, making them "apple shaped". This is known to increase the risk of weight-related diseases, especially coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. A waist measurement of over 37 inches indicates a slight health risk, whilst over 40 inches indicates a substantially increased risk.

For more in depth information on looking after your heart see my How to Have a Healthy Heart Diet article.

Changing Shape

Most men don't like the idea of dieting - perhaps because it seems too much of a girl thing. And, in fact, men shouldn't follow a diet designed for females - men need more calories and are more likely to be successful if they eat "proper" meals they feel satisfied with.

The Best Diet for Men

The best diet strategy for men is the non-diet strategy. Small and subtle changes to your eating, drinking and exercise habits that won't embarrass you in front of friends and colleagues. The emphasis should be on health, fitness and looking after yourself.

For example, if you take something as simple as a smoothie, men prefer the green smoothie as it is made with veg rather than fruit.

A healthy diet can be easily achieved with the tools and databases in Weight Loss Resources. It works out how many calories you need, and enables you to see where you could make adjustments that suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Best of all, you can try it free.

Men's Diet Success Stories


Glynn decided to lose weight for his health and confidence. Read how his passion for health and fitness spurred him on to lose over 3 stone in weight.


Overweight and diabetic, Julian needed to lose weight for his health. He tells us about his amazing 5 stone weight loss and how he reversed his diabetes..


Tired of relentless jokes from his friends about his weight and worries about heart disease promted Adam  to start his weight loss journey. Read how WLR’s extensive database and a return to exercise helped him lose nearly 4 stone in weight.


Chris knew that his surgery was not a quick fix for weight loss and focused on calorie intake to help lose over 9 stone! Read how his gastric bypass was not enough to help lose the pounds


Feeling despondent with his lack of weight loss, Paul joined WLR on a recommendation in order to overhaul his lifestyle. See how he used WLR’s tools to lose 2 stone in weight and fit back into his dinner jacket.


Unhappy with his weight gain as a result of an excess of hotel living and junk food, Peter was inspired to lose weight by the book ‘Fat Bloke Slims’.  See how he lost over 5 stone by following tips on how to lose weight and ways to keep up the weight loss


Chronic indigestion and frustration with a sedentary lifestyle prompted Steven to lose weight. See how he lost over 3 ½ stone when he used cycling and achieved weight loss success.


Dave knew his weight was out of control and his portion sizes were part of the problem. Using WLR’s tools to get that control back, he has re-educated himself about food and lost over 4 stone! Read how he did it.


In 15 months, Martin has gone from being nearly 5 stone overweight with very high blood pressure to a man who regularly runs half marathons and prides himself on his fitness.


Graham has achieved successful weight loss with the help of WLR. He has managed to combine his busy schedule and work load with a new approach to weight loss, helping him to lose three stone!


Mike achieved a weight loss success of over four stone after setting himself an achievable goal. By viewing weight loss as a lifestyle change rather than a temporary fix Mike has managed to continue losing weight.


John has used WLR to learn about the calories in food, how many calories he needs to consume and how to burn off more calories through exercise.

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