Good Diet Food

Dieting and weight loss can be far more enjoyable if you include food for your diet plan that you actually enjoy.

Fortunately there are plenty of great diet foods around, including healthy snacks, to make sure that your diet plan is anything but boring!

Diet Food to Fill You Up

The best diet foods are those which are relatively low in calories yet still leave you feeling fuller for longer, curbing the urge to snack or eat loads of sugary fatty foods.

Fibre is a great filler, so try to include a good range of fruit and veg. 

Wholegrains release their energy over a longer period of time, so are great for staving off hunger. 

Protein creates a high level of satiety, both during meals and between them. It makes sense to include a lean protein source in your daily meal plan.

Calorie Controlled Diet Food

Any healthy diet should leave room for tasty meals and snacks. Many people are opting to buy prepacked options, especially as many are calorie counted for you.

By checking the ingredients on the pack, you can make sure that they are a healthy alternative.  Look for products that offer nutritional benefits such as high fibre, whole grain, low salt or low sugar.

Helpful Diet Foods

Ultimately, the best food for a diet includes those which are relatively low in fats while at the same time a good source of protein and fibre.

Just swapping your favourites for a lower fat option is a great way to start.

Fresher is always better as processed versions tend to contain high quantities of salt or sugar to extend shelf life.  Examples of good diet foods include:

Helpful Diet Meals

By putting together your own meals, you control the calories which go into them. You can add low calorie flavourings such as herbs and increase the amount of vegetables to bulk meals out and make you feel fuller.

A simple and filling meal such as baked, skinless chicken breast with boiled new potatoes and steamed vegetables is quick and easy and gives you a good nutritional balance.  You can flavor the chicken with herbs and spices for extra taste and add a dash of low fat crème fraiche for a touch of luxury. 

In fact, chicken is a great food when you’re trying to lose weight, and we’ve plenty more Chicken Breast Recipes to tempt your palate!

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