Dietitian's Q & A
Diet Q & A

Dietitian, Juliette Kellow answers your diet and nutrition questions and gives her advice for dieting and healthy weight loss.

Dietitian's Q & A

Medical Conditions and Advice

Q: Last year I was ill with Glandular Fever and wasn’t able to exercise. As a result I gained almost 2 stone. Now I’m better and I’ve joined WLR to help me shift the weight but is there anything I should watch out for to prevent a recurrence?

No Weight Loss

Q: I’ve joined WLR as a last resort so I hope you can help me. I’ve been running, swimming or cycling every day and eating healthily for the last four months but have only lost half a stone. It’s starting to get me down as I still have 2½ stone to go. Will WLR really help me lose weight even though I’m already eating sensibly and exercising so much?

Alternative Treatments

Q: Despite weighing almost 13 stone, I’m a really fussy eater and don’t like many typical ‘diet’ foods such as fruit, veg, rice, pasta or cottage cheese. This makes it really difficult for me to follow a diet, although I do like using WLR as I can still eat what I like. A friend has suggested that being hypnotised may help me to like healthier foods and lose weight though. Is this true?

Body Fat Composition

Q: Despite losing almost 3 stone with the help of WLR, I still have love handles that hang over the top of my jeans and look horrible. I really want to get rid of them but no matter what I do, they’re still there! Can you suggest anything?

Allergy & Intollerance

Q: I’ve joined WLR and lost a stone in around 10 weeks but I’ve found it a real struggle and am not looking forward to shifting the next one. My friend has suggested it might be because I have a problem with wheat. Should I try a wheat-free diet and if so what foods should I avoid?


Q: My best friend has asked me to be matron of honour for her wedding in the summer. I’m really happy to be asked but am also worried because I need to lose 2½ stone, especially as the other bridesmaid’s are all thin. The trouble is, I really struggle to stick to any diet and always give up after just a few weeks. Will WLR be able to help?


Q: I’ve been a member of WLR for about six months and have almost reached my target weight. However, I now really want to give up smoking but am worried that I’ll start to put the weight back on. What can I do to prevent this?

Eating Out/Healthy Choices

Q: My friend has started buying organic foods and swears it’s helped her lose weight. I’m struggling to shift my last stone. Can organic food really help you to lose weight?



Cravings & Temptations

Medical Conditions & Advice

Eating Out/Healthy Choices

High Protein Diets

Feeling Bloated


Weight Gain After Treatments

Body Fat & Composition

Water & Hydration

Vitamins & Minerals

Allergy & Intollerance

Maintaining Weight

Starvation & Metabolism



Additives & Supplements

Pregnancy & Child Birth

Fats & Cholesterol

Eating Time

Menopause: Does It Cause Weight Gain?


No Weight Loss

Plateau With Weight Loss

Fruit & Vegetables

Glycaemic Index and Diabetes

Carbohydrates: Am I Eating Too Many?

Fibre and the Digestive System


Loose Skin

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