Lyndel Costain - Dietitian

Lyndel Costain - Dietitian

Lyndel Costain has over 20 years experience as a registered dietitian and nutritionist and has promoted her passion for good food and well being through writing, radio and TV (including the BBC's hit Diet Trials series), clinical work and nutrition consultancy. 

Lyndel has also worked within the NHS specialising in weight management and eating disorders, and for the British Dietetic Association, and she is a regular contributor and consultant to WLR.

Lyndel's Work on WLR:

Getting Your Head Straight Top Dietitian, Lyndel Costain shows you how to get off the want to lose weight – can’t lose weight seesaw.

Lyndel Costain on Weight Management Top dietitian Lyndel Costain gives her views on weight management and her opinion on WLR's weight management programme.

The Blowout Diet Eat only one big meal at night, or eat one day and starve the next. Lyndel looks into the pros and cons of the blowout diet.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Under the Spotlight Lyndel reviews the diet created by Australia's national science agency.

30 Diet Tips – To Help You Lose Weight Healthily Lyndel's 30 Top Diet Tips for lasting success.

The Eyes Have It Eating fruit & veg can help to reduce the risks of cateracts and ARMD.

Her books include:

  • Super Nutrients Handbook (Dorling Kindersley)
  • Diet Trials: How to Succeed at Dieting (BBC Publishing)
  • Gluten-Free Food (Hamlyn)
  • The Body Clock Diet (Hamlyn)

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