Cara Frost-Sharratt

Cara Frost-Sharratt is a published author who writes health, food and lifestyle features for a range of different magazines and websites.

Mother of two, Cara enjoys travelling and eating out. Her idea of the perfect afternoon is sitting in a sunny beer garden with the Sunday newspapers and a glass of wine!

WLR Contributor, Cara Frost-Sharratt
WLR Contributor, Cara Frost Sharratt



Cara's Work on WLR:

Change4Life - Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer

Weight Loss Resources is getting it right! The ethos behind Weight Loss Resources matches the idea behind a new Government initiative - Change for Life. WLR guest writer, Cara Frost-Sharratt investigates Change for Life dot com and brings you the low-down.

Online Weight Loss Diet Program Reviews

The number and type of weight loss programs available online has mushroomed in the last year or so. Weight loss sites offer everything from the latest exciting fad diet to the more down to earth (and arguably more effective) healthy eating/lifestyle approach.

Seaweed Extract Diet Drug Gets Go Ahead

A new natural, herbal diet pill is set to hit our shops this year. Made from seaweed extract, this natural appetite suppressant claims to help you to lose weight naturally. Weight Loss Resources’ guest writer, Cara Frost-Sharratt gives us the low-down.

Eating Habits Learned in Childhood are Not All Good

Unless we deliberately develop good eating habits, we fall back on those learned as a child. Clearing your plate and sweets for being 'good' sound familiar? Here's the habits to watch out for

Weight Loss and Willpower A brand new study has found that willpower is a myth and that we don’t need willpower to lose weight. Cara takes a look at the and whether we do need weight loss willpower.

Music Improves Exercise Endurance New research has confirmed that pumping up the volume increases exercise endurance and performance. The research has also discovered that particular types of music increase endurance more than other. Cara investigates.

A Quarter of Eating Disorder Cases are Men More and more men are seeking treatment for and help for eating disorders. With eating disorder statistics indicating that over 675,000 cases are men, WLR guest writer Cara investigates.

How to Dress For Your Body Shape The simple fact is, whatever your body shape or size, not every item of clothing is going to suit you. All of us have parts of our bodies that we want to hide and other parts that need to be flaunted. Dressing for your bodyshape will make you look good and then, you can’t fail to feel good while striving to meet your weight loss goal. WLR guest writer, Cara explains.

Photograph Your Meals for Weight Loss New thinking says that if you take a picture of your meal before eating, it can help with weight loss. WLR guest writer, Cara investigates if this photographic style food diary can help.

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