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Carolyn's Diet Diary For September

September was a roller coaster month. It started off with the best intentions in the world to make up for the relaxing of the diet and exercise in August, followed by a major crash and ending on a high note with a re-evaluation of my own goals and what I want to achieve.

September 3rd

Weekend away with old school friends. I have to say I recommend this. 3 of us (who met each other at secondary school 29 years ago!!) went to Blackpool for a weekend. Just us, no partners, no children and we had a blast. We acted like tourists the entire weekend - went in the arcades, saw the lights switched on, had our palms read and went on the Pleasure Beach - and you know what ! - I could actually fit in the rides and didn't need help in doing the seatbelt up... Did we eat and drink to excess - well actually no. My friend D is also a member of WLR and has lost an incredible 2 stone (well done) so we were encouraging each other -that is if you forget the beer on Saturday night when we went to see Morrissey (and yes I did see him twice in 2 weeks, and yes he was brilliant again) and they didn't have any mineral water at the bar (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it..)

September 6th

Weigh in day and 10 stone 2, so 2lbs lost which is pretty good - mind you I had used the gym every day in Blackpool and we walked for miles over the weekend.

September 12th

Hubbie away on business for 10 days so will just be me (and the dog/cat and fish) in the house. This could be a challenge. First job is cut the grass - 2 minutes in and mowed through the cable .... had to replace and hope he doesn't notice. Its strange being here on my own, but this weekend am enjoying it and eating well.

September 13th

9 stone 13 - Yes!! under 10 stone for the first time in years and years. Kept on getting off and on the scales as I didn't quite believe it. Told everyone at work. In fact told everyone.....

September 20th

9 stone 12 - isn't it amazing how things can change in a week. Have really missed hubbie (especially as his phone hasn't been working so hardly got to talk to him) Also my grandmother died so had to go to the funeral without him and it was all very sad. Found myself moping about the house towards the end of this week and as I was bored and feeling lonely, ate more and exercised less. Feel fat and unmotivated and have stopped using the WLR boards. Should really be celebrating as I have now lost 100lbs, but just cannot sum up any enthusiasm for anything.

September 27th

Still 9 stone 12, but feel a bit better. Hubbie back and has been so lovely. He took me out for a Chinese and we just chatted about how I was feeling. He says he really doesn't mind how I look - in his eyes I've always been lovely. He also pointed out that losing 100lbs is a fantastic achievement and I should be proud of myself for getting there. That made me feel so much better and realised that I am determined to carry on to reach my own goals, but should also look at what they really are. And what I really want is to be a size 10 - whatever weight that is. Went back to the boards today and said that I was feeling a bit low and unmotivated and confessed to being a wee bit scared of being "normal" (whatever that is).

And I want to say thank you to everyone who mailed me. You really have made me feel good and also made me feel that this is a normal part of weight loss and getting near goal is a bit scary.

October 4th

Feel great - weighed in at 9 stone 11 so have achieved a BMI of 25. I'm normal !!!! Had a great weekend with friends and family, cooked loads of low fat foods for us all and just had a great, great time. I've taken my WLR plan down to a 1lb a week loss and this has worked for me as it means I can have the treats I want (ie alcohol!) and still be within the calorie range. Also I have entered the Nike 10K night race in November so have 8 weeks to train and just entering this has really upped my motivation to exercise. I can't wait to be there, it should be a fantastic sight to see 30,000 runners weaving through London in the dark and to be in the thick of it. Plus I have achieved another first - I now own my first ever pair of knee length boots and they zip up all the way to the top! I am going to wear them everywhere !! So if you see someone trotting through the streets of West London in a tracksuit and long boots saying I can run 10k - please say hello !

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