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Carolyn's Diet Diary For May

Carolyn's come to the conclusion that exercise plays a big part in her dieting success - here's her diary for May.

May 1st

Bank holiday weekend and lots of plans starting with a meal out as a belated birthday treat with my best friend. Saved up lots of calories for meal out and all went really well until back at her house she offered me a vodka & a pint glass. Would be rude to refuse.......

May 2nd

Woke up regretting the mega vodka and coke(s) ...ok so after the first one I figured that the damage was already done and had another. Had to have a cooked breakfast in the hope that it would make me feel better (it didn't) went back to bed. This is the first day in months that I had no exercise - but just couldn't face the thought of all of yesterday's alcohol being forced to move around my stomach. I really will never drink again.......

May 3rd - 12 stone 5

Monday - weigh in day - first thing in the morning after my bath. 1lb loss. (much more than I deserved!!) - 4 stone 9 since I started, 3 stone 1lb since starting WLR Feel Ok today (well enough to take the dog out who hasn't forgiven me for going back to bed yesterday after breakfast instead of trotting round West London with her)

May 6th

Badminton night. Too late home so instead of nice healthy pasta bake grabbed a pasty from Victoria station. Played badminton for an hour with the old man who is on a "mission" to hit the shuttlecock as far away from my racket as possible so he can watch me run (?) across the court. He is, he says, doing it for my own good.

May 10th - 12 stone 3

Good week last week - no major blow outs. Cooked a superb Vegetable Korma over the weekend with spinach in as well as a mixture of every other vegetable I could find in the market (it was on special offer). Ate a mountain of it and still less than 400 cals - now that is a good meal choice. Today is a big day as the treadmill (pressie from hubbie) arrives today. Cannot wait to get home from work to start training for the Race for Life

May 11th

Am knackered. Didn't know it was so hard to run. It was only 1 minute at a time and I came off the treadmill dripping in sweat and legs (arms and whole body) like jelly. Thought I was averagely fit - but guess not. Is it really possible that I will get round a 5k course in only 11 weeks.

May 13th

Hate running....hate the treadmill

May 15th

Eurovision Song Contest and husband away watching his beloved Manchester City. Have decided to paint the lounge.


Lounge, me and dog painted. Am celebrating with Pizza and glass of wine - shouldn't have ordered garlic bread - will only have 1 slice

May 17th - 12 stone

Have lost 3 lb this week - must be the running. Good couple of weeks - have stuck to the calories (even with Saturday - but figured that could have Pizza and enjoy it with no problem with all of the painting exercise calories)

May 24th - 11 stone 12

May 26th

Love running - managed 4 minutes for the first time. I think I'm getting the hang of this

May 28th

Have just entered contents of my packed lunch on WLR. There must be a way to enter it quicker or else I have too many things to eat (and as the diary builds up and the number of foods increase) it takes longer. Can't I just have asparagus every day?? Am away for the weekend so hopefully will manage to balance diet and exercise - how can I do without the treadmill...

Carolyn intends to share her diet diary with us until she reaches her goal weight, so watch this space! Her June diary will be online around the end of July.

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