Diet diary
Diet Diary

Carolyn has so many things on this month she's worried she won't lose any weight...

Carolyn's Diet Diary For June

"Its going to be a challenge to lose weight at all in June... weekend away, daughters birthday, Isle of Wight Festival, husbands birthday.. must try to keep on track..."

May 29th

Weekend away with a Brazilian friend in York. A great time, York is a lovely city. Did lots and lots of walking and then she cooked me a delicious Brazilian meal (some of which I had to guess at in the food diary as I have never seen it before). Definitely ate far too much but it was so different spicy but not too hot. At least the walking balanced it out.

OK - I have to admit that we had a cream tea at Betty's but I only had 1 scone and it just had to be done.....

May 31st

Bank Holiday and had my parents over to visit. Cooked a 3 course low fat meal for us all (homemade vegetable soup & baby homemade wholemeal rolls, marinated tuna or lentil bake with veggies and fresh red berry fruit salad in a filo pastry nest with low fat yoghurt) and no-one noticed that it was low fat. In fact they all said how lovely it was. First time in ages I've gone all out and got the "posh" plates out of the cupboard and really enjoyed the day.

1st June

11 stone 10 - somehow 2lbs have gone this week

5th June

Have had a very good week all week, have run on the treadmill 3 times and am on schedule for the Race for Life, played badminton and have walked the dog every day. All in build up for today which is my daughters 17th birthday and we are having a party to celebrate. This year we have so much to celebrate... Took her out for a shopping spree and came back pounds lighter (by this I mean the £ type!!) How can a 17 year old need so many clothes and things and how can she take so long trying on clothes??? We had a barbeque in the evening. Lots of salads, lots of fruit and lots and lots of fun. Has to be one of the best days I've had in years - surrounded by my family and all of us happy and healthy.

6th June

Took eldest daughter (who is staying for the weekend) to the local market which (thankfully) didn't cost too much and we visited my Mum who was exhibiting at a craft fair. Nearly didn't make it as had an accident this morning with the dog who pulled me over trying to chase another dog. This is a disadvantage of losing weight - I don't have the weight any more to hold the dog back if she gets spooked. I am covered in bruises and scrapes from being pulled across the pavement and did I get any sympathy from the old man - no!!!

7th June

11 stone 8 so another 2lbs lost. Am really stiff today and the bruises from yesterday are developing impressively. The thing that most upsets me is that when I fell over, I ripped my new (size 14) jeans across the knee. My daughters tell me that its trendy but these were my "feel good" jeans...

9th June

Bad day today - grazes and bruises still hurt - can't run as it still hurts and feel really fat and down. We're going away to the Isle of Wight festival this weekend and I have nothing to wear. Ended up comfort eating.

11th - 13th June

Isle of Wight Festival and had a brilliant, brilliant time. OK so the diet wasn't particularly good (managed to exceed my daily allowance on both Friday and Saturday in beer alone - but reckon that at festivals its watered down so maybe not too bad!!). Lots of dancing and got right to the front to see David Bowie (my all time favourite artist). Food wise it was actually pretty good for veggies (the tofu burger & felafal were superb) and the weather was excellent (and I have the sunburn to prove it) Hubbie enjoyed it but has stated that he will never go again.....

14 June

11 stone 6 (don't believe this after the weekend but didn't chance getting on the scales a second time to check - just took the first reading!)

21 June

11 stone 3 A really good week this week. Lots and lots of running and have managed to not drink all week (except for a couple of vodkas when a girlfriend and I went out on Friday) and have stuck to the healthy eating all week. Have struggled to eat the exercise calories in total but have averaged over 500 exercise calories a day. Its weeks like this that I need to keep on going.

24 June

Husband's birthday and football. He decided that watching the match was the number one priority rather than celebrate his entry into middle age (he was 35) so we trooped to the local with my eldest daughter and her friend who were down for the weekend. Had rather too much to drink and ended up getting a take away. Note to myself: DO NOT GO TO THE PUB STRAIGHT FROM WORK EVER AGAIN ON A WORK NIGHT WITHOUT EATING.

25th June

Feel awful and have to go to Birmingham for a meeting. Ate/Drank over double my calorie allowance yesterday.

28th June

11 stone 2. Made up for Thursdays excess with lots of exercise over the weekend and managed to lose 1lb. Am now feeling really positive and have learned that one day of complete excess does not ruin the whole healthy eating/exercise/losing weight programme. Don't even feel guilty now as we had such a good night out (except of course for the result!)

Have managed to get through June and have lost 8lbs. Must say that I'm very pleased with that.

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