Diet diary
Diet Diary

Carolyn has last minute doubts about the 5k Race For Life...

Carolyn's Diet Diary For July

"The big event for me in July is the Race for Life on the 25th. Will spend the whole month eating healthily and doing lots of training."

July 2nd

Went to my best friends house. Have managed to talk her into the Race for Life and also into joining WLR (figures she thought that it was better to just join me to shut me up about how much I was enjoying this new lifestyle). we had a really healthy barbeque with my favourite bbq foods Halloumi cheese and big flat mushrooms with garlic and herbs.

July 5th

10 stone 12 - hooray ! have now joined the 10'ers. It feels so fantastic when the first number on the scales drops down by one and now I can almost see that I will get to "normal" weight this year. Am feeling pretty proud of myself.

July 7th

Another first for me. Tonight I actually ran 5k without stopping. OK I fell off the treadmill at the end and was red, sweaty and wobbly but I did it. Perhaps I won't make a complete fool of myself at the end of the month after all. Spent the rest of the evening updating my friends and family and hassling everyone to sponsor me

July 9th

Took hubbie out for a meal as a belated birthday treat to the Chinese. Can someone explain to me why all yummy Chinese food is so very fattening? Managed pretty well to have lots of veggies, plain rice but couldn't resist tofu and cashews in yellow bean sauce - mind you cashews are very very good for you........

July 12th

10 stone 10

July 15th

Have just discovered my new favourite healthy breakfast. Wholemeal bagel with a teaspoon of peanut butter from the Bagel Factory at the station. It's amazing in 9 months how much my tastes have changed and I find myself looking more at the healthier options. You know the great thing about bagels - they take ages to eat and you feel like you have had something much more substantial than cereal (which I have to say I was getting bored with).

July 17-18

Weekend with the in-laws for a big party to celebrate my sister-in-law's graduation. I haven't seen my in-laws for over 6 months so was looking forward to showing off the new slimmer me. And it was great - had loads and loads of compliments which made me feel really good about myself. Had bought a new outfit, youngest daughter had straightened my hair for me and felt really good. Its funny but everyone asks the same questions or makes the same statements:

a) how did you do it

b) how much have you lost

c) you were never that big (when hearing that the weight loss is over 6 stone)

d) I bet you feel better (I don't feel any different actually as I'm the same person - but I do enjoy being fitter)

e) I didn't recognise you

July 19

10 stone 9 (OK so I did rather relax about eating and drinking at the weekend with the in-laws but its still a pound and still in the right direction

July 24th

Party with friends tonight . I was a real party pooper - not drinking and also really getting nervous about the race.

July 25th

RACE FOR LIFE DAY. I was so nervous this morning - couldn't sleep have all sorts of irrational thoughts going around my head. Have convinced myself that the treadmill is wrong and I haven't actually run 5k and am going to be the very last person staggering around the track when everyone else is packing up to go home. Why am I doing this? I haven't run a race ever - and don't feel very fit at all.

I did it...... 34 minutes and 1 second. I tell you this is the best feeling in the world. Better than anything. I still can't believe that I actually got round the course and the thrill of running through the finish line is indescribable.

To celebrate I raided the Next sale... have bought a pair of size 12 jeans which I can get on (but need a shoehorn to get them on and can't actually walk or sit comfortably for a long period of time) but.... they are size 12 and I have not been a size 12 for over 20 years...

July 26th

10 stone 6 - have booked a summer holiday for me and my daughters for next month

What a fantastic month 10lbs lost, have completed the race for life, have bought (although can't actually wear) my first size 12 clothes. Now only 27lbs to goal weight..

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