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Carolyn's Diet Diary For August

August was the month for holidays and the Reading Festival so was always going to be a challenge. Having completed the Race for Life, I had lost a bit of the enthusiasm for exercise as for me I need a goal to focus towards and have noticed that the food diary was showing that although I was eating healthily, there were a few too many treats creeping back in.

2nd August

10 stone 5 - Another pound gone, another week begins. Tried sweet and sour vegetables with cashew nuts tonight as a change as I must try to find new things to eat for dinner before I turn into a piece of pasta. Not one of the greatest successes - word of advice sweet and sour parsnips do not work.....

7th August

Weekend with one of my girlfriends to celebrate her 40th. It was a lovely weekend sitting out in the garden with white wine and soda and a lovely homemade vegetable curry. Exercise consisted of playing swingball (not in the exercise diary!) and splashing in the paddling pool.

9th August

10 stone 3 - Managed 2lb loss which was really good but had a real craving for fast food stodge today. Had a bad day at work and eventually gave in and had a sandwich from the station (followed by crisps and chocolate). Didn't make me feel any better .....

11th August

Still struggling... seem to have lost will power and have felt like giving up

13th August

5th wedding anniversary today and my hubbie and I celebrate by spending the night in Oxford. A lovely day spent wondering around the shops, chatting. Ended up with room service (an advantage of having a daughter who works in a hotel is that you can get cheap rates) and an early night. Have decided now not to weigh myself until September after the holiday and will be happy to stay under 10 1/2 stone. Hubbie says he loves me as I am and will support me whatever I decide to do.

14th August

Spent nearly 2 hours in hotel gym while hubbie had a lie in and feel great.

16th August (late)

My daughters and I are now in Bulgaria...I cannot believe how cheap food and alcohol are. Intend to spend the week eating healthily and exercising loads.

24th August

Back in the UK ... freezing cold and windy so no opportunity to show off the tan. And have to confess that I didn't quite manage to keep on track - too many temptations and not enough will power. However, did manage to get a lot of exercise which should balance it out. At least this year I could jump into the pool without emptying it and this is the first holiday in about 15 years that I have been able to wear shorts and short skirts and look OK. That did feel really good.

26th August

Reading Festival or should I say Reading mud bath. I have never ever been so muddy and wet. But.... my calves are now thin enough to fit into a pair of wellies and I can get into the sleeping bag and do the zip up which is something to celebrate..

28th August

Mud baths are supposed to be good for you? At least my legs are having to work hard in stomping through ankle deep mud and water. That hopefully will make up for the diet which appears to be made up of fast food and beer....

Music is great though with Morrissey as the highlight of my weekend.

1st September

10 stone 4 - OK so lost 1lb over the whole of August and don't feel too bad about that as I have had a very busy month and did struggle really badly mid month before the holiday. At least its a loss and not a gain. In fact I think the overdose of fast food at Reading has totally taken away the craving for it. However with a gain of only 1lb over 3 weeks, I guess that I wasn't over indulging as much as I thought...

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