Victoria Wood's Big Fat Documentary

New Series starts Friday 9th January, 8.30pm BBC1

Victoria Wood's new documentary series promises to be lively and contentious as well as giving us all a chance to laugh at the Big Fat subject.

Billed as a personal and honest take on the dieting industry, the Big Fat Documentary follows Victoria's investigation into media pressure, fat acceptance, slimming products, diet fads and the history of the ideal body shape.

On Victoria's amusing journey she attempts to answer such questions as: why is it hard to lose weight? Why are slimming clubs in such horrible halls? Why have we become a nation of overeaters?

"I've started enough diets in my life to understand that buzz you get from weighing out a quarter cup of muesli, four ounces of skimmed milk and a dried apricot," she says. "But I'm hugely entertained by the madness of it all."

Helping Victoria along the way are exercise gurus, dieting experts and a smattering of celebrities including the Duchess of York, Vanessa Feltz and Anne Robinson.

We'll be watching!

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