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Most Atkins Diet Information covers either "bad for your health" or "weight loss miracle". Here's information on how Atkins would affect your lifestyle.

Can You Fit Atkins Into Your Lifestyle?

By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

Promoters of the Atkins diet shout the loudest about their regime being practical and easy to follow. Enjoy masses of those “previously limited” diet foods and live life to the full whilst watching those excess pounds melt away. However, that is only part of the information you need about the Atkins diet.

Let’s look at little closer at the restrictions of Atkins on your lifestyle. Remember with Atkins you eat exactly what you are told and follow the rules to the letter.

Forbidden Foods Information

Bread, Rice, Potatoes, Pasta, Breakfast Cereals, Milk, Sugar, Caffeine, Pastry, Alcohol, Pizza, Fruits, Curries, Biscuits, Yoghurts…

Foods not allowed can make daily life very difficult.

  • You have to cook for yourself and make additions for the family or eat alone.
  • Have you got time in the morning to cook bacon and eggs, ham and cheese omelettes, mixed selections of smoked fish with cream cheese?
  • You can go to McDonald’s for a burger but you must pick out the bun and avoid the chips.
  • Watch very carefully eating out with friends – Italian, Indian, Chinese and the Chippy can play havoc with this diet. Your food choices are limited which can make ordering food very complicated and very public.
  • With this diet a night out with your friends at the pub could be an isolating experience. You are struggling with smelly breath and you are not allowed alcohol. To compound problems you have to be careful with what mixers and fruit juices you drink. After the initial period the diet allows you the “occasional” glass of wine.

Cost Information

  • Not a cheap or economical dieting option. All the steak, cheeses and cream will soon add up and your weekly shopping bill will soar.
  • As well as the weekly bill for food the Atkins advice is to take vitamin and mineral supplements at further expense.
  • You can also buy the specially adapted Atkins food products at more cost. If bread is so bad for you, why buy ‘Imitations.’


  • Have you got the energy or is your body crying out for carbohydrates – the fuel for energy in the body.

Information About How You May Feel

People who have started the Atkins Diet often drop out within a few weeks because they can't put up with the lack of energy and tiredness they feel. Some people also report headaches and nausea. It's also unlikely that you'll be able to do vigorous exercise whilst following Atkins - your muscles simply won't have the energy.

A Diet that Does Suit Your Lifestyle

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