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Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Take the hard work out of creating a diet plan to lose weight with PlanBot handy diet planner. PlanBot will generate a healthy daily plan for you based on your lifestyle to help you lose lbs!

Simple Diet Plans for Your Weight Loss

With a variety of healthy, delicious diet recipes and treats, all generated for you, dieting need never be the struggle it has been in the past.

PlanBot will show you easy ways to lose weight and keep it off while still enjoying your favourite foods.  No need for expensive, branded diet foods!

Losing Weight Your Way

All PlanBot diet plans are customizable and flexible;

  • Swap your meals
  • Get support from experts
  • Save time and effort (it’s all done for you)
  • Choose to fit your lifestyle
  • Earn more calories for extra treats
  • Plan for a special occasion
  • Plan your shopping list
  • Eat your favourite foods

A sample PlanBot diet plan from Weight Loss Resources

What Makes a Good Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

Because no food is banned, you can cut calories and lose weight while still enjoying your favourite treats – even that glass of wine on a Friday evening!  PlanBot's diet food and recipe plans for weight loss are tailored to you, meaning that you are treated as an individual.

Let PlanBot plan your weight loss diet and you’ll get:

  • Foods you want to eat
  • Recipes to temp your taste buds
  • Flexibility
  • Tips and advice from the UK’s leading dietitians

If you want an effective diet plan for weight loss, start a free 24 hour plan.

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