Christina Macdonald, Personal Trainer

Christina Macdonald is a fitness writer and editor with more than 20 years’ of experience.

She is the former Editor of Women’s Fitness magazine and former Launch Editor of award winning-title Women’s Running, and also the author of the book Run Yourself Fit (Summersdale, £6.99).

Christina is currently Editor-at-Large of Women’s Running and has completed two marathons and ten half marathons.

She is also a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and UKA Running Group Leader as well as an accredited Life Coach. Follow her @writefitchris

WLR Contributor: Christina Macdonald, Personal Trainer
Christina Macdonald

Christina's Work on WLR:

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Exercise Your Way to Weight Loss

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More advice on starting to run, including training plans for beginners and tips on building mileage, as well as advice on nutrition for running, are available in Christina’s book, Run Yourself Fit. Available online at Amazon or in all good book stores.

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