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Computer Games that Burn Calories

Rationing computer time for the kids may be a thing of the past. A new study has found that our children’s fitness can be improved by using a Nintendo Wii type console for half an hour a day. WLR guest writer, Cara Frost-Sharratt investigates.

Computer Games that Burn Calories

By WLR Guest Writer, Cara Frost-Sharratt

We’re used to hearing about computer games being one of the culprits in the increased occurrence of child obesity.

Images of children sitting glued to a computer screen in a darkened bedroom have long been a popular image on news broadcasts. However, there has been something of a turnaround recently.

The Nintendo Wii gaming console has been given a warm reception by scientists who have discovered it’s potential as a fitness aid. They have said that half an hour on this type of console a day would be extremely beneficial to our children.

Exercise For Kids

Players are required to imitate the moves of different activities or sports and this can be anything from aerobics to playing tennis. You might be required to swing a bat, balance on a board or throw a ball but it’s all using up energy.

The fact that it’s a computer game could actually be something of an advantage in terms of calorie burning, as players can forget they’re doing physical activity and be having a bit of a workout while they also enjoy the graphics and commentary of a gaming situation.  

WLR says . . .

This is great news. The Nintendo Wii provides the ideal combination of entertainment and exercise. It could prove to be particularly beneficial to people who are perhaps too self-conscious to join a fitness class or try a new sport.

It can sometimes be a bit intimidating to turn up at a class, especially if it’s made up of ultra slim people who know all the moves. The beauty of this games console is that you can practice the games and enjoy the activities in the comfort of your own home and, if you make a fool of yourself, who cares?

You choose the sport and the level and there’s no feeling of embarrassment if you have to stop and have a breather.

New Exercise Ideas for Children

Fitness phobics also have the opportunity to try out a number of different sports and, although it’s not likely to be the same as getting out on a real tennis court or golf course, it can certainly give you an idea of what’s involved. Who knows, you might even discover a hidden talent or passion for a new sport without having to venture away from the sofa.

Workout for Everyone

This is also a fabulous idea for a night in with a few mates or a family activity for a miserable winter day. You could have a mini Olympics, or just pitch yourselves against each other in one sport. Of course, there’s no substitute for getting out in the fresh air or joining a local sports clubs to get fit. However, at the end of the day, keeping fit should be about enjoyment as well as results and anything that does both can only be a good thing.

Find Other Fun Ways of Burning Calories

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Find Other Fun Ways of Burning Calories

and getting exercise into your life with the WLR exercise database. Why not sign up for a free 24 hour trial and take a look?

Take our FREE trial »

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