New Foods September 2017

9 New and Tasty Low Calorie Foods

By wlr staff Trudi Purdy

Perhaps you’ve made it through to the summer and finally feel confident with a slimmer figure or maybe you’re slowly and healthily losing weight.

Whatever your reasons, you might well have times when you wish you had something new, delicious and low-calorie to add to your daily diet.

Thankfully summer months often mean lighter eating – fresh grilled meat straight off a hot BBQ, salads and plenty of juicy, sweet fruit but there are only so many BBQ’s you can make, and salad might be good for you but it doesn’t always satisfy and not everyone enjoys it.  

Luckily there are some excellent snack and meal options just out; many are great to top-up food intake when those tummy rumbles appear. Some are excellent on-the-hop choices and when there’s no time to get the BBQ going, there are some rather delicious looking ready meals.  

Let’s take a look at what’s new for this month to fill the tummy gaps without piling on the pounds.

Pure Bite Grab and Go Snacks

Pure Bite Grab & Go Snacks

Pure Bite Grab & Go Snacks from Bite UK were launched September 2017.

You’ll only be able to get your mitts on them by going to or for the time being though.

We do have some insider gossip for you. Bite UK is currently in negotiations with an undisclosed supermarket, so watch this space!

Free from gluten, dairy and preservatives, these grab and go snacks are high protein and fibre.

There is a choice between nut clusters, coconut clusters and popped rice clusters.

Two flavours are low in calories.

Flavour Calories
Blueberry & Cranberry (20g bag) 80
Strawberry & Gojiberry (20g bag) 83

The general consensus for these two flavours was the Blueberry & Cranberry should be avoided. These were very, very sweet and a bit ‘claggy’. Only one of the team said he enjoyed them and would have them again.

The Strawberry & Gojiberry were enjoyed much more by the team. A good strawberry taste, a satisfying crunch and sweet enough to hit the spot. These definitely came top out of the two low calorie offerings.

The rest of the range got a mixed reaction.

Hot & Spicy Nut Clusters 30g Bag 178 cals

  • Quite spicy
  • A little overpowering
  • Nice kick
  • Good texture and satisfying

Crunchy Coconut Clusters Coconut & Strawberry 30g Bag 364 cals

  • Really high in calories
  • Far too sweet
  • Reasonably delicate coconut flavour
  • Couldn’t taste the strawberry
  • Wouldn’t be able to eat too many (Could be a good thing judging by the cals per bag!)

Nut Clusters Almond 30g Bag 168 cals

  • A great almond taste
  • Satisfying crunch
  • Really yummy and a great snack
  • Not too sweet
  • Satisfying nutty flavour

These snacks are high fibre and protein so could be good for keeping you fuller for longer. However, at £1.49 a bag, a little expensive for adding to your lunch box. Maybe as a special treat once in a while or on heavy training days.

Drink Me Chai SpicedDrink Me Chai Vanilla

Drink Me Chai Latte

Launched in July 2017, there are two new flavours to choose from – vanilla and spiced.

They are free from gluten, dairy and sugar. Sweetened with a blend of Stevia and natural flavourings.

Flavour Calories
Spiced, per 15g serving made with water 68
Vanilla, per 15g serving made with water 83

At 68 calories per cup, they may well make a great alternative to your normal Chai Latte.

We tried both flavours in the office. The problem is that none of us drink Chai Latte so we didn’t really have anything to base our taste tests on.

We found both drinks very, very sweet with an overpowering taste of perfume. A definite no from our Latte Drinker, she wouldn’t swap her skinny latte.

If, however, you are a Chai Latte convert, at less than half the calories they could be a great alternative for you.

Waitrose LoveLife Calorie Controlled Range

This supermarket seems to have managed a really well received range of low calorie meals, soups and desserts with a few snacks and even flours thrown in for good measure.

Most of the range has had good reviews and come up with at least 3 stars.

There are:

  • 17 meals (lunch or dinner)
  • 5 soups and cup a soups
  • 14 snacks and food to go
  • 3 flours
  • 2 breakfast cereals

We’ve picked the items with more than four stars to highlight for you.

Green Thai Chicken Curry with Rice (from Waitrose)

Green Thai Chicken Curry with Rice 394 cals per meal

We keep these as a staple lunch time meal. Super quality and filling without loading calories...what more can you want?

Pulled Ham Hock In Mustard Sauce 302 cals per meal

A very handy ready meal when needing something quick. I also freeze them for use when either one of us is going out for a meal and the other needs something just for one.

Celeriac, Spinach, Crème Fraiche & Herb Fresh Soup 105 cals per serving

This was the first time or tried this soup but I thought I'd give it a go as it was on special offer. It was very tasty, was lovely and creamy and didn't taste like a calorie controlled soup in the slightest. I'd definitely buy it again!

Belgian Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt 74 cals per serving

We have bought several tubs of this flavoured yogurt over the last few months and it is very popular as the tub soon empties. An excellent product with a good chocolate flavour and low calories too.

Lightly Salted Reduced Fat Crinkle Cut Crisps 121 per serving

These are super crunchy and just salty enough without that greasy feeling. Love them!

Unsalted Reduced Fat Crinkle Cut Crisps 122 cals per serving

Some excellent meals, desserts and food to go to choose from with some really good reviews. Well done Waitrose!

Feta & Lemon Quinoa Salad (from Waitrose)

Feta & Lemon Quinoa Salad 248 cals per meal

Tasty and low in calories, great for a calorie controlled lunch.

Natural Frozen Yoghurt 75 cals per serving

Very nice indeed. Great with fresh or stewed fruit.

Raspberry & Blackberry Frozen Yoghurt 63 cals per serving

A seriously flavourful and delicious frozen yogurt without the calories. If you love summer fruit then this is for you.

Keralan Chicken Biryani 345 cals per meal

I can't believe this is only 345 calories. It is indeed scrumptious. Thank you Waitrose, please keep making more meals like this :)

Harissa Chicken & Tabbouleh Salad (from Waitrose)

Harissa Chicken & Tabbouleh Salad 264 cals per meal

I bought the Harissa Chicken Salad for my lunch. It was absolutely delicious and the dressing added a lovely lemony zing.

Special Choice Rice & Wheat Cereal 114 cals per serving (without milk)

I buy this product all the time, even take a box on holiday with me, I love them have even been known to eat them without milk, when I'm feeling a little nibbley. . . mmmm scrummy.

Ugly Water Range

Ugly Water

Three new flavours of Ugly Water have been launched. Zero calorie, carbs and fat, the flavoured fizzy water is now available in:

  • Triple Berry
  • Orange
  • Tropical

We tested the original Lemon & Lime flavour as we couldn’t find the new flavours. It smelt full of promise – very fruity and flavoursome.

However, not one of the team would drink more than a mouthful.

In fact, one team member said the name suited it! She said,

‘I really wanted to enjoy it because I was really thirsty and didn’t have any other colds drinks in the office. It tasted very sour, like diluted vinegar without the acidity.’

At £1.49 a can, our team thought it was very expensive for something that, frankly, just wasn’t nice.

WKD Low Cal Alcopop NKD

WKD has gone NKD with their launch of two low calorie flavours.

  • Blueberry & Elderflower
  • Lemon & Lime

Both have 90.75 cals per 275ml bottle and 6.6g of carbs. Alcohol volume is 4%.

We sampled both of these in the office. (it’s a hard job but someone has to do it right?) Don’t worry, because of the low alcohol volume and sharing a bottle between us, we weren’t intoxicated!

The boss really enjoyed the Blueberry & Elderflower flavour. So much so, she took what was left in the bottle to sip throughout the rest of the afternoon.

She’s not normally an alcopop drinker, preferring a good wine or a Bacardi and diet coke on occasion.

However, she said the blueberry flavour made it similar to wine.

The rest of the team weren’t as sold on this flavour. One said the elderflower taste was a little too overpowering.

The Lemon & Lime flavour was a different story!

This was light and refreshing and we felt it could make a great low calorie alternative to the original WKD flavours if you are watching the calories, especially for sunny afternoon drinking.

The cider drinker of the team didn’t concur, but that’s not really surprising eh?

Aldi - Featherweight Wine

Aldi – Featherweight Wine

‘Really pleasant and light’ ‘Very drinkable – the colder the better’ ‘Easy drinking’ ‘How much???’

These were the comments when the team tried this low calorie Sauvignon Blanc.

The back of the bottle says it is made with a Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. Fresh and zesty with aromas of gooseberry and mint leaf.

At just 55 cals for a 125ml glass and only £2.99 a bottle, this is a winner!

There are whispers that there are other wines in the Featherweight range at Aldi but we could only find this one. We will keep hunting judging by the results for this taste test!

Monster Ultra Citron

Monster Ultra Citron

If energy drinks are your thing, then the new Monster Ultra Citron could be for you with just 9 cals per 500ml can.

Per 100 ml

  • Cals 2
  • Carbs 1
  • Sugar 0
  • Salt 0.05

If you’re looking for a low cal energy boost, it does have the same amount of caffeine as two and a half Espresso shots.

Our resident energy drinker tried this one for us.

He said,

‘The initial citrus taste was really good but had a really strong aftertaste of sweeteners. I would normally drink a can of Monster but I couldn’t drink more than a couple of mouthfuls of this one.’

So not a winner then?

Goodness Knows Range

Goodness Knows

Produced by Mars (yes, the same people who make the full-on chocolate, caramel and nougat bars) these snack squares have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Whole nuts, real fruit and dark chocolate make up the squares and there’s four in each packet, so you could share it if you wanted. No? Okay that’s cool!

These little blighters are not easy to find yet as they are so brand new but will be available in three different flavours:

  • Apple, Peanut & Almond
  • Blueberry & Almond
  • Cranberry & Almond

We are really looking forward to giving these a try. At less than 160 cals per pack, they have the potential to be an excellent addition to your snack repertoire.

Flavour Calories
Apple, Peanut & Almond 157
Blueberry & Almond 154
Cranberry & Almond 153

If you manage to find these in the shop, let us know what you think by dropping us an email to

Innate Squares

These little squares from Elsa Valentine and Tess Walker are about to hit the snack circuit.

They combine vegetables, coconut and almond to produce healthy, savoury snacks.

Elsa says,

‘Most companies looking to create ‘healthy’ snacks take unhealthy ones, such as biscuits and crisps, and tweak formulations. We wanted to create something totally different.’

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, they are 100% natural, Paleo and gluten dairy and grain free. But how do they stack up taste and calorie-wise?

Innate Butternut Squash Square

Flavour Calories per 28g bag
Butternut Squash 258

Comments from the team:

  • A little cardboard-like in texture
  • Really quite tasty
  • Quite Moorish
  • Not very appetising to look at so leave them in the resealable bag as you eat them!

Flavour Calories per 28g bag
Spinach & Coconut 169

Comments from the team:

  • VERY green!
  • Strong smell of coconut.
  • Could taste coconut but not sure spinach and coconut make a good combination.
  • Didn’t enjoy these.

Innate Beetroot Squares

Flavour Calories per 28g bag
Beetroot 149

Comments from the team:

  • Great burgundy colour
  • Vinegary smell
  • Peculiar taste – maybe an acquired taste

Not the cheapest of snacks at £1.65 a bag but the best of the three were the butternut squash version. We really liked the idea of the reseal able packs but the beetroot and spinach flavours have stayed sealed since the taste test!

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