Low Calorie Pub Lunch
Low Calorie Food Swaps for Restaurant and Pub Lunches

Browse our quick list of low calorie food swaps for restaurant and pub lunches and make a low fat food choice.

Low Calorie Food Swaps for a Restaurant or Pub Lunch

By WLR's Food Information Executive, Laurence Beeken

Meals at a restaurant or pub needn’t sabotage your diet if you make low fat food choices. Our useful meal swapper gives you low calorie food options to keep your meal low in fat and high in enjoyment!

Low Calorie Food Swaps for Restaurant and Pub Lunches
Swap this… For this… Save Cals Save Fat
1 medium Jacket potato with cheese 1 medium Jacket potato with cottage cheese 110 15.2
1 small can Tuna in oil with salad 1 small can Tuna in water with salad 85.6 9.7
1 Steak & mushroom casserole 1 Chicken, leek & mushroom casserole 78 11.1
1 small Grilled beef steak with small chips 1 Breaded turkey steak with potato wedges 167 14.1
1 serving Salmon & dill pasta salad 1 serving Chicken caesar salad 252 17.8
1 Chicken korma takeaway 1 Chicken tikka takeaway 132 7.6
1 serving Beef dinner roast with roast potatoes Yorkshire pudding & vegetables 1 serving Chicken roast saddle, with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings & vegetables 436 28
2 rasher Fried middle bacon with a fried egg & baked beans 2 rasher Lean grilled bacon, with a scrambled egg & baked beans 142.3 14.4
1 serving Unsweetened fruit salad with vanilla ice cream 1 serving Unsweetened fruit salad with frozen natural yoghurt 144 5.4
2 Pork and herb sausages with homemade mash & onion gravy 2 Turkey sausages with homemade mash & onion gravy 226 26.9
1 serving Beef lasagne 1 serving Chicken & bacon lasagne 99.4 16.3
1 Beef & onion pie with small fries & peas 1 Chicken potato & vegetable pie with oven baked chips 227.5 16.9
1 scoop Strawberry ice cream 1 scoop Strawberry sorbet 37.5 3.6
1 serving Chargrilled chicken pasta salad 1 serving Moroccan cous cous & chicken salad 47.5 7.3
1 serving Creamy mushroom pasta 1 serving Creamy vegetable pasta 324.5 30
1 medium Fish & chips 1 serving Baked cod with salsa & rosemary potatoes 1478.3 99
1 serving Spaghetti & beef meatballs 1 serving Spaghetti and turkey meatballs in tomato & onion sauce 347.5 36.8
1 slice Pepperoni pizza 1 slice Pizza margherita 36 2
1 serving Homemade beef & spaghetti bolognese 1 serving Turkey mince & spaghetti bolognese 217 16.6

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