Low Calorie Barbeque Food
Low Calorie Food Swaps for Eating Out

Eating out at a pub or barbeque and need a low calorie food option? Our smart list of low fat food swaps will show you how to make smarter choices.

Low Calorie Food Swaps for a Barbeque or Pub Day Out

By WLR's Food Information Executive, Laurence Beeken

You can still get a low calorie food option when eating out at a barbeque or having a pub lunch. With our clever meal swapper, you’ll be able to go for a lower calorie option and make the most of your day out.

Low calorie food swaps for a barbeque or pub day out
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Barbeque Food
1 medium Baked potato with tuna and mayo 1 medium Baked potato with half a can of ratatouille 248 23
1 BBQ chicken drumstick 1 Chicken & pineapple kebab 178.7 14
1 BBQ Burger ¼ pounder & cheddar cheese in a bap 1 Chicken breast & leaf salad & tomato in a bap 132 24
1 small BBQ rump steak 1 BBQ tuna steak 80.6 11.8
1 serving Potato salad ½ medium Jacket potato & tomato salsa 163.5 23.2
2 BBQ marinated chicken wings 1 BBQ tuna steak 34.7 10.7
Pub Food
1 slice Quiche lorraine 1 slice Mediterranean vegetable pizza 333.1 30.1
1 Sandwich cheddar cheese & Branston pickle 1 Sandwich tuna salad 210.5 14.3
Handful Tortilla chips with garlic & herb dip Handful Carrot sticks with tomato salsa 242 24.3
1 Scotch egg 1 Hard boiled egg 227.7 15.1
1 medium Fish & chips 1 small Fish & chips 553.6 32.5
1 large Sausage roll 1 Ham salad roll 36 7.9
1 Cornish pasty 1 large Jacket potato with baked beans 162 30.8
1 serving Steak & ale pie with chips & peas 1 serving Cottage pie with chips & peas 412 34.6
1 serving Scampi, breaded, chips, peas & tartare sauce 1 serving Breaded plaice with chips & peas 436.8 28.1
1 small Rump steak with chips, peas, tomatoes, & mushrooms 1 serving Chicken Caesar salad 326.3 9.4
1 serving Gammon & chips with peas, tomato & egg 1 serving Egg & ham salad with salad cream dressing 507.7 24.4

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