Secret Eaters - Episode 1

Brother and sister Jill Hamill and Stuart Raphel from the Wirral are in the spotlight.

Episode 1: Jill and Stuart
  Jill Stuart
Age 40 36
Weight 13st 12lb 16st 7lbs
BMI 32.3 30.5

The Problem

Jill doesn’t feel that she eats too much, maybe not eating enough at times to reach her daily calorie allowance.  She can’t understand where her weight gain is coming from, even going as far as to think that she is a medical exception. She just wants to be happier.

Stuart knows that an average man will need about 2½K calories and thinks that he rarely eats that much, often eating only once a day.  Horrified at the number of chins exposed in a photograph he wants to be slimmer, healthier and more active.

How they Fared

Both filled out food diaries for 5 days: Jill’s showed she ate around 1300 calories/day, Stuart around 2100.

After a week of surveillance, the facts were given to the secret eaters:

Jill actually consumed 3106 cals day with a massive 7½ thousand at the weekend.  She was guilty of unconscious eating, magpie eating (helping herself from other people’s plates), weekend overeating and drinking alcohol, a source of hidden calories.

Alarmingly, 3630 of her weekly calories were from snacks alone, meaning that she could lose around 3 ¾ st in a year if she cut them out.

Stuart actually consumed 3077 day, taking in 2/3 of his daily intake in one sitting late at night.  He was guilty of being a one meal wonder, plus overindulging in takeaways and alcohol.

Typically people like Stuart are prone to weight gain, not because of the time at which they eat but because they are hungry and tend to overeat to compensate.

The solution is to eat smaller, regularly spaced meals.

Stuart could lose 1st 4lb just by cutting out his burgers.

Alcohol is a danger as it will weaken your resolve, making it more likely that you’ll gorge on fatty foods.  Stuart could lose a further 4½ st over a year but cutting out the booze.

Calories in Jill & Stuarts Favourites
Chip Shop Chips (regular, 400g serving) 956
Homemade Chips (regular, 400g serving) 756
Mayonnaise (Heaped Tbsp) 228
Red Wine (Large, 250ml, glass) 209
Lager (pint) 233
Takeaway Burger (inc bun) 557

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