Success Story: Jennifer

Success Story: Jennifer

Jennifer, Age 32, Height 5ft 5in
Start Weight 12st 13lbs
Current Weight 9st 11lbs
Goal Weight 10st
Weight Lost 3st 2lbs
Working to Rate of Loss 2lbs per week

Weight Loss History

Weight Watchers – I couldn’t stand being told what to eat!

I-Village – Not enough support.

Going it alone – Never enough dedication.

Have you Lost Weight Before and Regained the Weight?

I lost approximately 2 stone in 1998 when getting married.

This was mostly baby weight from the birth of my second child in April 1997.

I didn’t lose as much as I would have liked and it all went back on within months after my wedding.

My weight has fluctuated ever since but always one step forward, two steps back. At 12 stone 13lbs I was the heaviest weight I had ever been.

How Being Overweight has Affected you…

I was forever depressed when out shopping for clothes.

My Mum was becoming increasingly worried about the weight I was gaining.

Although my partner was always supportive of me, I knew he hated seeing me piling on the weight and seeing how much it upset me.

Motivation to Lose Weight

I want my children to have a funky, slim, young Mum who can run around with them for years to come.

I want my partner to be proud of me sticking to my goal.

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

By chance on the internet whilst I was searching for a calorie counting guide.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

I have found it the easiest way ever to lose weight by being responsible for my own eating patterns.

"I have learnt to control my portion sizes and it has brought home to me just how much I was capable of eating."

The message boards are an added bonus. Whilst I don’t post much they always cheer me up and make me giggle, cry, sympathise, laugh out loud!!!!!!

The best thing is just to see there are people out there who have exactly the same problems as me.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I mostly use the food diary and recipe section but also look in on the message boards when I have time.

Jennifer's Calorie Counting Tips

I have found the recipes the best tool. This section made me realise just how many calories were in my home made meals and made me look at ways I could reduce the calorie content in these meals.

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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