Success Story: Sophia

wlr has shown Sophia the calories she was consuming with the tools of the site giving her control of her weight loss plan.

Success Story: Sophia

Sophia, Age 33, Height 5ft 5in
Start Weight 12st 8lb
Current Weight 9st 11lb
Goal Weight 9st 7lb
Weight Lost 2st 10lb
Working to Rate of Loss 2lbs per week

Dieting History

I’ve never really dieted before. I’ve always been a little bit on the heavy side, but not what you’d call overweight.

I’ve lost about a stone a couple of times in my life, but that was largely due to being super busy and not having much time to eat!

I lost quite a lot of weight when I had my first child, but that was because getting used to being a Mummy took so much out of me that it fell off without really trying. Also, I breastfed my son until he was a year old, which helped.

"I gained a lot of weight with my second child. I was just under 10 stone when I got pregnant and over 14 stone postnatal!"

I assumed that I’d lose the weight again with my second child in a similar fashion, especially as I was breastfeeding.

However, the weight didn’t shift and I seemed to get bigger rather than smaller…

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?

When I started trying to lose weight this spring, I managed to lose about a stone and then started putting the pounds back on again over the summer, which I found really depressing – especially as I still had so much to lose.

How being overweight has affected you…

I felt fat all the time. I was still wearing pregnancy clothes months after my baby was born and I just kept waiting for the weight to come off – and it didn’t.

"I was embarrassed by how I looked, especially when I travelled to Canada to see my family in the summer."

Seeing how healthy and slim everyone was really motivated me to do something about my weight when I got back to the UK.

It wasn’t just about how I looked. I was so unfit! Now I have heaps more energy for doing things with the kids, runs, gym, going out, looking after the house etc.

I am a VERY busy person, but I don’t seem to run out of steam like I used to.

Motivation to Diet

Now that I’m 32 and have two little kids, I don’t feel quite as young as I was, but I know I am still young, if you see what I mean.

I want to enjoy looking and feeling my best and not waste my youth :-)

I want to look good in a swimsuit on the beach next year.

I want to look fantastic and be fit next time I see my family (probably next summer).

I want to like the way I look in photos.

I want to be able to try on clothes and like what I see – not beat myself up every time I step in a changing room.

"My husband and I renewed our wedding vows on my birthday this year and I used this special date as a weight loss goal."

I found this incredibly motivating, especially as I promised myself a new dress as a reward.

I bought a gorgeous size 12 dress from Monsoon for the occasion! It is a divine piece of clothing (see picture!).

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

I did a google search for calorie counting. I signed up for the free trial and I was hooked! Next thing I knew, I was signed up for 3 months.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

This site really helped me realise where all the calories were coming from.

"I couldn’t believe how many 'healthy foods' were high in calories! I’ve learned how not to overeat by calorie counting."

I found it really helpful to have a plan and very motivating to know that if I stick to the plan, the weight will fall off. It has made me feel so much more in control of my weight loss.

Filling in the diaries every day has really helped me avoid snacking when I don’t have the calories for it.

Finally, I have really enjoyed both doing the exercise and entering the exercise in my diaries – it’s fun to know how many calories you’ve burned from doing something.

Also, you can’t afford many treats if you are trying to lose 2 lbs per week – unless you boost your daily allowance with a little exercise!

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I almost always use the food and exercise diaries, though I don’t always weigh religiously.

I find that you get good at estimating if you weigh everything at the beginning.

I’ve enjoyed reading (and posting) messages on the advice and support board. You pick up lots of really useful information and people can be so kind when you are having a bad day!

It’s always amazing how many people seem to find the time to respond.

Also, I’ve recently discovered the runners' board. It’s been useful having it as a reference as I’ve recently started running 2-3 times per week.

Sophia's Calorie Counting Tips

The diaries have been the best part for me and I LOVE earning extra calories through exercise; that really motivates me to do something every day.

Also, I’ve enjoyed the goals and results section which has helped me believe that I can do this! I have really enjoyed watching the curve on the graph go down every week.

"Planning helps a lot. If you know what you are going to eat in the evening, then enter it into your diary in the morning. "

Then you know how any calories you have for the rest of the day and you can work around it.

I even enter my exercise in advance if I know what I’m going to be doing as it helps me stick to my plan, especially if I’ve already planned a few meals, basing them on the additional earned calories!

EXERCISE! There’s loads of different types out there – find what works for you and do it! If you really want to see results – do something EVERY DAY.

Incidentally, I also managed to quit smoking while using this site. I think the reason I didn’t put on weight as a result is because I was being so disciplined anyway, and snacking never had a chance to try and replace the roll-ups!

Also, it was getting ridiculous as I was terribly fit – apart from the nasty habit….

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