UK Food

UK Restaurant Food Calorie Content

UK Food Calories per typical serving
Melon 60
Tomato soup 150
Prawn cocktail 350
Breaded mushrooms with dip 370
Pâté and toast 400
Main courses
Venison in red wine 280
Pork and apple casserole 360
Lancashire hotpot 400
Shepherd’s pie 400
Fish pie 450
Beef casserole 490
225g/8oz well-done rump steak with chips 525
Roast beef with trimmings 540
225g/8oz well-done fillet steak and chips 550
Beef Wellington 560
Sausage and mash 585
Toad in the hole 640
Gammon steak and chips 680
Beef stew with dumplings 770
Scampi and chips 820
Steak and kidney pie with chips 820
Trifle 270
Lemon meringue pie 305
Spotted dick and custard 435
Apple pie and custard 435
Fruit crumble and custard 475
Treacle tart and custard 490
Cheesecake 495
Ice-cream sundae 500
Bread and butter pudding 505
Sponge pudding and custard 505

All calorie values are approximate and may vary considerably from one restaurant to the next, depending on the ingredients included. Use these figures as a guideline only.

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