French Food

French Food Calorie Content

French Food Calories per typical serving
Mussels 190
Crudités with garlic mayonnaise 240
Grilled goat’s cheese salad 240
Pâté de campagne 260
Snails 300
French onion soup 375
Shellfish bisque 500
Main courses
Grilled Dover sole 220
Grilled trout 250
Chicken chasseur 480
Steak au poivre 490
Steak with béarnaise sauce 575
Moules mariniere with pommes frites 580
Coq au vin 585
Cassoulet 610
Beef bourguignon 635
Duck in orange sauce 840
Crème caramel 215
Chocolate mousse 250
Crème brûlée 350
Crêpe Suzette 400
Chocolate gateau 435
Tarte au citron 445
Tarte Tatin 525
Profiteroles 600

All calorie values are approximate and may vary considerably from one restaurant to the next, depending on the ingredients included. Use these figures as a guideline only.

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