Chinese Food

Chinese Food Calorie Content

Chinese Food Calories per typical serving
Sesame prawn toasts, per piece 70
Hot and sour soup 80
Prawn wonton, each 80
Spare rib, each 140
Crab and sweetcorn soup 155
Chicken noodle soup 160
Chicken and sweetcorn soup 170
Crispy seaweed 200
Pancake roll 240
Main courses
Chicken in lemon sauce 300
Chicken and pineapple 310
Beef in oyster sauce 340
Beef in yellow bean sauce 360
Beef with green peppers and black bean sauce 380
Chicken and cashew nuts 380
Chicken chop suey 425
Sweet and sour chicken 480
Crispy duck, four pancakes 800
Prawns balls (10) in batter with sweet and sour sauce 1,200

All calorie values are approximate and may vary considerably from one restaurant to the next, depending on the ingredients included. Use these figures as a guideline only.

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