Restaurant Food Calorie Content Charts

Restaurant Food Calorie Content Charts

By Dietitian Juliette Kellow BSc RD

Want to know how many calories in scampi and chips or coq au vin? Our nine charts show the calorie content of popular dishes from around the world.

Italian Food Calorie Content

Find out the calorie content of pizza, garlic bread, canneloni, tiramisu and other Italian restaurant foods.

Greek Food Calorie Content

How many calories in olives, calamari, moussaka, halva and other foods you'll find in a Greek restaurant.

Spanish Food Calorie Content

You could be surprised by the calories in tapas, especially chorizo (sausage) and albondigas (meatballs).

Thai Food Calorie Content

Our Thai calorie chart shows a wide variation from fish cakes with 50 calories to kow neuw geow (mangoes with sticky rice) with a whopping 665.

UK Food Calorie Content

Some traditional UK dishes pack a lot of calories, look at steak and kidney pie and chips or beef stew and dumplings.

French Food Calorie Content

Crème caramel has half the calories of crêpe suzette, and only a third of the amount in profiteroles.

American and Mexican Calorie Content

Nachos are downright scary as are a lot of the foods on our Tex Mex calorie chart.

Indian Food Calorie Content

Watch out for the calories in chicken korma, tikka masala and samosas.

Chinese Food Calorie Content

Crispy seaweed probably has more calories than you think and crispy duck is even worse - lemon chicken and spare ribs are better options if you're watching your weight.

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