Swimming Burns Calories
How many calories will swimming burn?

Swimming burns calories, so helps you lose weight. If you exercise by swimming, then calories will be burned and this can help towards your weight loss goals. But just how many calories will swimming burn?

Burn Calories by Swimming

by WLR Staff, Adam Vaughan

Swimming is a great exercise to help lose weight and keep fit, and with the associated health benefits that  a swimming session will give, the calories burned when taking a swim can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

How Many Calories Will Swimming Burn?

30min Swimming:

  • Recreational: 90-220kcal
  • Moderate: 150-370kcal
  • Vigorous: 220-550kcal

*Extra calories are those you burn on top of the calories you use for basic day-to-day living. Inputting your exercise into your exercise diary will calculate the number of calories you will burn, based on your weight.

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