Red, Green and Black Grapes in a Basket

How Many Calories in Red, Green and Black Grapes

Grapes make a great snack – they’re easy to pop in your bag or lunch box and they’re quite sweet to eat – not to mention being really good for you as part of your 5-a-day.

Below is the calorie information for grapes – red, black and green, seeded and seedless.

We have included calories for all of the popular portion sizes and the carbohydrate, fat and protein breakdown in the nutrition profile chart below.

As you can see, there is a slight difference in calories between red and green grapes – this is likely to be to do with red grapes being just that little bit sweeter.

Seeded Grapes

Serving Size Calories per Serving
  Red Green
1 grape 3.2 3
5 grapes 15.9 15.1
10 grapes 31.9 30.1
12 grapes 38.3 36.2
15 grapes 47.8 45.2
20 grapes 63.8 60.3
50g grapes 32.5 30.8
Small bunch (52g) 33.8 32
Large bunch (100g) 65.1 61.5
Large punnet (500g) 325.4


Handful of grapes (75g)



Snack pack (80g) 52.1 49.2
1 cup of grapes 104.1 98.4

Seedless Grapes

Serving Size Calories per Serving
  Red/Black Green
1 grape 3.7 3.3
5 grapes 18.4 16.5
10 grapes 36.9 33
12 grapes 44.3 39.6
15 grapes 55.3 49.5
20 grapes 73.8 66
50g grapes 36.9 33
Small bunch (52g) 38.4 34.3
Large bunch (100g) 73.8 66
Large punnet (500g) 368.8


Handful of grapes (75g)



Snack pack (80g) 59 52.8
1 cup of grapes 118 105.6

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Percentage of Calories from each Macro Nutrient for Red Seeded Grapes


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