Calorie Counting Success Stories

These are just a few of the members who have used Weight Loss Resources’ online calorie counter, food diary and nutritional database tools to learn about how many calories they could eat to lose weight in a healthy way.

wlr's calorie counting tools have helped them adopt much healthier eating habits, gain control of portion sizes, cut back on takeaways and comforting eating and build a healthy relationship with food.

See how taking control of their diets has helped our members not only lose weight but feel happier, healthier, fitter and more confident… (all told in their own words).

Joanne's Calorie Counting Success

Joanne tried Slimming World, but says calorie counting with wlr is the only way to lose the pregnancy weight

Success Story: Cheryl

Cheryl cannot believe that she is not starting the new year on a diet. In 2006 Cheryl changed her eating habits which resulted in a weight loss of over 6 stone.

Kes Lost 2 Stone Calorie Counting and She Finally Feels in Control

Kes has lost over 2 stone on her calorie counting diet and she finally feels in control. Here's her story…

Sarah | Age 24 | Height 5'6 | Weight Loss: 4 st (27 kg)

From leading a sedentary lifestyle and snacking too often, Sarah has taken control of her diet, lost 4 stone in weight and now competes in Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing).

Lynne | Age 60 | Height 5'7 | Weight Loss: 4 st 10.6 lb (30.2 kg)

After trying pretty much every diet going, Lynne finally found success with the wlr tools... losing almost 5 stone and re-discovering her waist by dropping 5 dress sizes!

Julie | Age 52 | Height 5'4 | Weight Loss: 4 st 7.4 lb (28.8 kg)

After a lifetime of caring for others, Julie decided it was time to take control of her weight.... Losing an incredible 4½ stone!

Julia | Age 54 | Height 5'7 | Weight Loss: 3 st 10 lb (23.6 kg)

Julia spent the last 4 years yo-yoing, but in March 2020 she decided enough was enough! Through the Covid-19 lockdown she's lost almost 4 st to finally reach her goal and go from her heaviest weight at a size 20, to her target weight and a size 10!

Celine's Success Story

Fed up of being seen as fat and happy, Celine decided to start counting calories and become someone that her kids could be proud of. Here’s how she lost over 2½ stone.

Rebecca's Calorie Counting Success Story

Takeaways, convenience food and comforting eating helped Rebecca pile on a massive 8 stone but, calorie counting and exercise soon had her back on the straight and narrow. Read how the Weight Loss Resources tools helped her.

Sarah's Calorie Counting Success

Read about Sarah’s 1½ stone weight loss. Unhealthy eating and a sweet tooth meant Sarah’s weight increased along with her portion sizes. By exercising and calorie counting she lost weight.

Calorie Counting and Food Diaries Work!

Calorie counting using the WLR online calorie counter, food diary and food nutritional database helped Julia get back in control of her weight and eating habits.

Success Story: Katie

On weighing herself one morning, Katie was shocked to discover she weighed 17½ stone. WLR has taught Katie about the calorie content of different foods which has resulted in her losing 5st 10lbs.

Success Story: Michelle

With the big 4-0 only three years away Michelle decided to make lifestyle changes to be slimmer resulting in a loss of nearly 2 stone.

Success Story: Maria

Becoming more health conscious has motivated Maria to change her eating habits, exercise more and lose 39lbs.

Success Story: Susan

Having battled with food and watched her weight go up, Susan has used WLR to finally lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. Her weight loss to date: 6st 1lbs

Nic's Calorie Counting Success

After fainting on a train platform having only consumed 102 calories that day, Nic used WLR to learn about the calories she could eat, to lose weight in a healthy way. The result: a 5 stone weight loss.

Success Story: Jennifer

Tired of her weight fluctuating and making her feel miserable, Jennifer decided to take control and get to grips with her eating patterns.

Kate Calorie Counts Her Way to a Five Stone Loss!

Kate felt fat, frumpy and unattractive... having calorie counted her way to a 5 stone loss, she now "feels great"!

Deborah's Calorie Counting Success Story

At 50, baking fan Deborah felt she had tried everything to lose weight. Read how calorie counting helped her lose nearly 3 st.

Changing Habits Helped Jo

Although Jo was always active, junk food and comfort eating meant she wasn’t as successful at weight loss as she wanted. Changing her habits and building a healthy relationship with food helped her lose over 3 stone. Read how using the WLR tools helped her reach her goal.

Dean's Calorie Counting Success Story

In December, Dean's GP said to him 'When you're singing Auld Lang Syne with a pint of beer in each hand, what is your New Year's Resolution going to be?' Dean knew enough was enough and made his New Year's Resolution to lose weight. He has gone on to lose 9st 6lbs.

Lisa's Calorie Counting Success (LisaS)

Lisa used Weight Loss Resources' diaries to put her in control of her calorie intake, learn about the foods she was eating and lose over 6 stone in weight.*

Katherine's Calorie Counting Success

Realising that she had lost touch with her diet and keep fit regime and was gaining weight, Katherine knew the answer was to eat less and move more. Using WLR, Katherine has lost 2½ stone and feels happier, healthier and fitter.

Success Story: Hugo

Hugo has lost nearly 7st using the tools of WLR which has helped him to regulate his eating.

New Mum, Sophie Lost 3½ Stone and Feels Like her Life Has Begun

Calorie Counting helped new mum Sophie lose weight. Read how many calories she needed to lose over 3½ stone.

Success Story: Chris

Story of Chris who has lost 2 and a half stone by calorie counting.

Lucy's Success Counting Calories

Lucy didn’t think anything of eating a pack of five fresh cookies in one go and eating two/three chocolate bars nearly every day, as well as crisps and sweets. With her wedding in May this year, she realised it was time to change her eating habits and count the calories in her diet…

Hayley Has Never Felt SO Great (nor gotten so many compliments)

Hayles has used WLR to take the effort out of calculating calories. It has encouraged her to be fit not just slim as it has shown her how many calories she earns through being active! The end result: 3 stone loss in bodyweight.

Sarah Likes What She Sees in the Mirror!

Sarah viewed her weight loss journey as a change in lifestyle rather than a diet; using WLR's calorie counting tools she has lost 2½ stone...

Success Story: Joy

A row with her husband gave Joy the motivation to lose some weight, get fitter and feel good about herself.

Glynn Fits into 32” Waist Trousers and his Confidence is Sky High

Glynn decided to lose weight for his health and confidence. Read how his passion for health and fitness spurred him on to lose over 3 stone in weight.

Jeremy's Calorie Counting Success

Unhappy with how his weight affected his life, Jeremy lost over 2st. Read how he took control with Weight Loss Resources.

Aileen Found the Simplicity of wlr Worked for Her

Aileen used calorie counting to put a halt to further weight gain. Read how her new figure gave her the motivation to continue and lose 1½ stone.

Success Story: Sally

Using WLR has helped Sally adopt much healthier eating habits and lose nearly 3 stone in weight.

Success Story: Liz

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Sophia Has Heaps More Energy for the Kids

WLR has shown Sophia the calories she was consuming with the tools of the site giving her control of her weight loss plan.

Success Story: Emma

Lifestyle changes meant Emma was less active which resulted in her weight gain. Desperate to lose weight, Emma has used WLR to educate her eating habits and lose nearly 3st.

Success Story: John

John has used the calorie counting tools and resources of WLR to lose weight.

Alicia's Calorie Counting Success

Learning about the calorie content in the foods she was eating has helped Alicia lose a stone in weight and become happier, healthier and fitter.

How Jane lost 4.5 Stone with WLR

At home with her young children all day, Jane knew she had to reduce the amount of ‘snacks’ she was eating. Using WLR has taught her about the calories in her food, which has resulted in her losing over 4 stone in weight

Success Story: Martin

As a local councillor, Martin felt a hypocrite talking about health and wellbeing issues. This spurred his weight loss goals with WLR. To date he has lost 2 stone.

From 'Heffalump' to 'Lucylicious'

Lucy embraced the concept of WLR to eat less and move more. "I have gone from being someone who did no exercise to someone who feels horrible if I haven't." A weight loss of over 2st has resulted.

Success Story: Dick

Having lost 2st with WLR, Dick now enjoys an active lifestyle without the breathing problems he had experienced before.

Success Story: Margy

Margot has used the tools and information on WLR to focus on her health and fitness.

Success Story: Jon

Jon found being overweight a drag and decided to take control of his life to become fitter, healthier and more confident.

How I Lost a Total Weight of 6 and A Half Stone

Out of a crowd of 2,500, Little Britain's Matt Lucas picked John for the Fat Fighters sketch…*

Success Story: Mark

WLR has helped Mark to adopt a more structured and healthy eating plan making changes to his calorie intake.

Success Story: Carla

Tired of losing and regaining weight, Carla has used WLR to keep food and exercise diaries, set goal weights and record her progress.

Success Story: Malcolm

Malcolm has used the tools and resources of WLR to learn about the calories he was consuming, make necessary changes and lose 2 stone.

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