Weight Loss Resources Latest News: February 2017

We've all done it, got to just a few weeks before an event, or holiday, and panicked because we really wanted to be in better shape for it. So here's an emergency plan, delicious but strict, get the PDF to keep in reserve for when things start warming up.

How Does Sleep Affect What You Weigh?

There's been a bit of a media frenzy on sleep this week, here's the why and how sleep does indeed have an effect on weight, read more

Work Out at Home in 15-18 Minutes

Our personal trainer’s circuit of exercises provides a total body workout you can do at home without needing special equipment - designed to help you burn and tone at the same time, check it out

How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

Studies have shown a positive link between how often a person steps on the scales and how much weight they lose or, importantly, don’t gain. Find out more and get a weight graph PDF here

The Toblerone Effect

Research says we're really good at judging food that's been downsized, but pretty rubbish at estimating how much more there is in supersized portions, read more

Lose a Stone for Spring

If you're going to do it - now's the time to start! Designed to help you drop a stone at maximum efficiency, in time for Spring. Use the calculator to find out how soon you could lose a stone.

Sue lost a stone in just 8 weeks, here's her short but sweet story

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