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By WLR's Site Manager, Laurence Beeken

Wiltshire Farm food do not offer a specific diet delivery, they are instead more like a modern day  meals on wheels.  What they do offer however is ready meals where the portion sizes are controlled, so this does mean that it can be used to help weight management or achieve weight loss goals.

The site works differently to the other programmes in that you can buy meals individually just like your normal shop. You are not tied in to a specific number of days or weeks, you just order the food for delivery to suit your diet.

How much will the delivered diet food cost me?

If you want your diet food delivered, then with prices starting at just £2.40 for a beef meal, Wiltshire Farm foods are one of the cheaper diet delivery services.  There is a minimum order value of just £18.00 and delivery is free.

How does Wiltshire Farm Foods compare to Weight Loss Resources?

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How does Wiltshire Farm Foods work?

Although not specifically designed for weight loss, a Wiltshire Farm food delivery can be used to shift the pounds quite effectively.

By delivering frozen ready meals that are nutritionally balanced and also already calorie counted it makes sticking to a low calorie dinner easier. If evenings are your downfall and you struggle not to order a takeaway, a tasty ready meal that only needs to be heated up could be just the answer.

Also if eating out at lunch is piling on the pounds, then you can enjoy a cooked meal just by popping it in the microwave.
There is a huge range of diet meals that can be delivered, all broken down into types such as beef, pork, lamb meals etc.

You could use Wiltshire Farm Foods to plan your diet, although the calories and other nutritional information are hard to establish from the website, and you will end up contacting them for the information.

They do advertise that pre-packaged frozen meals offer instant portion control and so are extremely helpful to those who are on calorie counting diets, or for people that have trouble with portion sizes. The diet delivery meals are not advertised as a calorie counting service, just that it ‘could’ be useful for those watching their weight.

How many calories do Wiltshire meals provide ?

If you are using the delivered diet food to manage your weight, then you will find that the meals in the ‘reducing’ section are each less than 320 calories per portion, while the desserts are less than 75. Breakfast delivery choices are limited so you would be better off substituting your own and adding the calories to the day.

Typical Menus for Wiltshire

Lunch Dinner Dessert
Chicken and Broccoli Bake Roast Pork in Apple Gravy Apple Pie and Custard Dessert (puree)
Chunky Vegetable Soup Salmon & Broccoli Supreme Chocolate Sponge and Vanilla Sauce dessert
Cheese and Potato Wedges Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese Mixed Fruit & Custard

What support is offered by Wiltshire Farm Foods?

Support is limited and there is no specific diet advice as Wiltshire Farm Foods are purely a food delivery service.

Can I try before I buy?

A taster pack is available at £19.95 and there is no tie in, you simply order what you need.

Will Wiltshire Farm Foods Work For Me?

If you stick to their reducing meals, then you will be looking at less than 710 calories before you add breakfast and/or snacks. If you top up to 1200 calories, you will lose weight if you stick to it.

How much weight could I lose?

Wiltshire Farm Foods make no claims to how much you could lose, just that they offer low calorie counted meals. If you work out your calorie allowance on wlr, you'll be able to see how many calories you should have to lose weight at a reasonable rate for you.

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If you have enough will power to just stick to what is sent to you and add snacks, then you should lose weight. Without a food diary however, you cannot monitor any ‘extras’. You basically just buy the meals and add what you want to them.  

The relatively low cost and variety means that you could order for the whole family as there appears to be something for everyone on the site.

As always, it’s a reduction in calories that will shift those pounds. Wiltshire Farm Foods is just another way to do this and might suit you if you can afford the cost of the diet delivery meals.  Ultimately, it’s just as easy – and much cheaper – to follow a 1,200-1,400 calorie diet based on foods from the four main food groups, and eat the things that you enjoy!

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