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Dietitian, Juliette Kellow reviews 10 popular diet books. Juliette reveals the good, the bad and the downright silly and ends each review with a score out of 10.

27 Diet Reviews

By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

Not quite every diet under the sun here, but the majority of dieting methods most people will come across during their quest to lose weight.

The reviews range from in-depth reports written by dietitians, to more anecdotal opinions from wlr members.

We cover online and offline slimming clubs, diet delivery services, healthy dieting concepts such as low GI or high fibre, and specific diets such as Atkins and Dukan.

You'll aslo find reviews of other aids to weight loss, from hypnosis to pills.

Slimming Clubs

Slimming World

Slimming World has been around for nearly 50 years and has some impressive success statistics. Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD reviews the Slimming World diet and gives us her verdict. Slimming World Diet Under the Spotlight

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the world of slimming, with 10 million Brits walking through the doors of their nearest meeting in the last decade.

So how does Weight Watchers work? And is it a good way to lose weight? Dietitian Juliette Kellow puts the spotlight on Weight Watchers UK.

Popular Diets In-Depth Reviews

The Juice Plus Diet

WLR Site manager Laurence Beeken reports on the Juice Plus diet, how it works, and what it’s good (and bad) for, plus some WLR members chip in with their reviews. The Juice Plus Diet Review

The hCG Diet

The hCG diet is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) based on an intake of 500 calories a day, supplemented with either a daily injection of hCG hormone or with oral hCG drops. We look at the facts behind this pretty extreme plan: The hCG Diet Review

The SlimFast Diet

This time we've left it to the users to give their opinions. here's 12 short reviews by WLR members on dieting with SlimFast

Dieting Concepts In-Depth reviews

Alternate Day Fasting

Alternate day fasting, the latest diet by James Johnson, as quite a hit in the weight loss world, but can intermittent fasting really help you to shift those pounds - and keep them off? Here's dietitian Juliette Kellow's Alternate Day Fasting Review

Low GI Diet Review

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Diet Book Reviews

The Traffic Light Diet Judith Wills

The GI Plan Azmina Govindji and Nina Puddefoot

The Body Clock Diet Lyndel Costain

Sugar Addicts Diet Nicki Waterman

No Carbs After 5pm Joanna Hall

The Abs Diet David Zinczenko

Curves Diet Gary Heavin and Carol Colman

The X-Factor Diet Leslie Kenton

Ultimate New York Body Plan David Kirsch

The Coconut Diet Cherie Calbom

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